Modern Metalcore. With German lyrics.
Modern metalcore, lead by German lyrics – nobody has combined it this way until recently. ARKTIS have made it their mission to proof that it works very well. They teamed up with Annisokay frontman Christoph Wieczorek, who also happens to be one of Germany’s top metalcore producers, to record their debut album META, which ranked 13th in the German rock and metal charts. Emotional music, but spiced with technical finesse and the relentless power of a steam hammer where needed.
For fans of Architects, Bring Me The Horizon and A Day To Remember.
ARKTIS is a five-piece Post Hardcore/Metalcore act from Hanover, Germany.
Coming from Emocore influenced roots and several line-up- changes, the band sat down in 2014 to change the route and reinvent themselves. This is where the cornerstone of META was laid. Old songs, structures, ways of songwriting and working habits all had to go to create an environment to work in with a new found self-perception as a band as wellas individual musicians.
META is the result of five guys coming together, making a decision, setting a goal and growing beyond their expectations as artists – and as friends. An intense and conceived rhythmic foundation meets guitarparts that go all the way from subtile to making the listeners want to jump up and nail their furniture to the ceiling.
No world-class technicality in every note, no breakdown just for the sake of it, but everything at it‘s place – where it needs to be in every particular song. Letting the songs and the ideas decide about the skill level that is needed to make them happen and not the other way round. All of this is lead by entirely German lyrics brought to the songs in ways that go from emotional melodies to balls to the wall screams. This self-reinvention was fixed 2014, by the founding of ARKTIS. Their live show is highly influenced by the pure joy in being able to experience the
time on stage and share it with others. Every single show gives a story to tell. The band loves to create these stories with the crowd by performing with completely detached emotions and power. Always appreciating that this is where special moments emerge.

Label: People Like You / Sony | Booking: Wizard Promotion
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