Unleash The Sky

Youth is a very special stage in life. Euphoria, depression, the strive for positive recognition and the quest for the Meaning of Life. An intense, explosive and authentic mixture – perfect substance for an album: YOUTH.
YOUTH. marks the 2nd and eagerly awaited album of Unleash The Sky. The Band from Darmstadt once again teamed up with producer Sky van Hoff (Caliban, Kreator, Mrs. Greenbird) who has already had his hands on the debut album “Hopes, Doubts & Inbetween”.
“The main goal of the Band was a recognizable development”, explains van Hoff the new sound of UTS, “away from (Metal)-Core to more rocky, snotty but still catchy tunes”. The positive mood that UTS delivered in their debut album is clearly taken a step further with YOUTH.: “When we started writing our first album in 2011 we already knew how we wanted UTS to sound like but at the same time we were also guided a little bit by other Bands”, frontman Patrick Demuth reviews. “YOUTH. on the other hand is 100% authentic UTS and definitely more mature – no doubt about it!”
YOUTH. starts with a progressive Intro that is suddenly taken over by the moshing mainriff of „These Days“. This Song proves Unleash The Sky grew up with Metal, Hardcore and catchy hooklines. „Carry On“ continues that powertrain carried by an epic stadium-choir in the c-part – prepare for goosebumps! „Lonely Blue“ deals with the sudden death of Patricks mother and the song is inofficially already the successor of „Back To Zero“ of their debut-album. „We Are The Youth“, „Concrete Walls“ and „B.R.L.D.“ are definitely more rockier and feature David Schumann’s vocals. „In the past 2 years Dave made an incredible development with his vocals“, Patrick excitedly points out, „it was no question at all to focus more on cleanvocals. At our live sets we already sing 2 or 3 different vocals, that also fit perfectly to our development.“ The electrifying „Faithkeeper“ and „Sirens“ are pushing forward again and most likely will enhance their whole power live. Last but not least „Vertigo“ shows a totally different style – alert: catchy tunes!
Besides these 10 tracks YOUTH. includes 2 acoustic tracks – Unleash The Sky also produced a 5 track EP with Sky van Hoff featuring acoustic versions of some of their old and also new songs, which will be released later on.
Unleash The Sky in 2015 combines a juvenile spirit of optimism with the maturity of a Band that experienced quite a bit – roughly 150 clubshows and festivals, several tours, a successful debut album with four digit sales figures and a remarkable, faithful fanbase. Resulting in an album that probably would not have been expected of a band from Germany.