„Maybe that’s all family really is. A group of people that miss the same imaginary place.“
The six boys in Grizzly became a family, a pack of bears. Ready to put a lot of energy and spirit in the band’s music, which formed in 2014 in Karlsruhe.
Dome (Bass), Flo (Guitar), Zig (Clean Vocals), Samu (Drums), Kevin (Shouts) and Tom (Guitar) are sophisticated musicians, which had been performing in several projects, therefore everyone of them gained an individual background. With these experiences they started making music somewhere between Post-Hardcore and Punk, although there is more than these labels can tell.

Grizzly titled their genre „Heavy Pop-Punk“. Fast, energetic, melodic. Combined with expressive clean vocals and powerful shouts. Half a year after founding, their first show took place with several hundred guests and on their second show they supported 36 Crazyfists. In 2015 they had their chance to prove their property of being a solid live band, playing numerous shows and festivals with bands as Adept, The Story So far and Landscapes.

But fun isn’t something to be missed out on, the boys love to see their audience laugh and smile. You can feel the energy and passion to do something big and to grow with the challenge. They are aiming high! And with their different talents, they formed a versatile and reliable pack. Grizzly is a DIY-project where nothing is last to chance. The songs, images and videos are handmade. The guys behold their authentic and generic sound by staying open-minded about several styles of music and keeping their eyes on the overall concept.

That’s how they got their deals with Extratours, Monster Artists Management and Department Musik, who release their first album Kidlife Crisis and the single Close At Heart, a song about friendship. And that’s how the boys became band members, friends and finally a family. As a listener you are now able to become part of the pack and join Grizzly on their journey to an imaginary place, which always appears where people are celebrating music together.
„Maybe that’s all family really is.“

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