Welcome to the homepage of Monster Artists Management, home for musicians, entertainers, authors and producers.
Monster Artist Management has positioned itself as a nationally and internationally well-established firm in the interdisciplinary network of the music and media industry for many years.

Together with their artists, Monster Artists Management has achieved numerous phenomenal chart positions in recent and past years – even making the Top Ten best selling list of albums in Germany and Europe.

From the beginning it has been the highest principle to work with passion in close and steady communication with the artists, to recognize and promote their full potential, develop resources and generate success through continuous advancement.

It is not by chance that awards like “The Metal Hammer Award” and “The Live Award for Sold Out Shows” are the results of good cooperation.





Niko Tsagarakis

(CEO, Management)

Dominik Würth


Kerstin Eberherr

(Management, Product Management)

Carmelo Lo Porto


Andreas Keul


Timo Ehlert

(Management, Tourmanagement)

Jomi Traub


Tobias Langer

(Co-Management Alarmbaby, Rauhbein)

Patricia Markert

(Co-Management Grizzly)

Christoph Wieczorek


Tine Fassomytakis
Tine Fassomytakis

(Social Media Specialist)

Gabriel Lesjak

(Webdesign, IT-Specialist)